Developed by YouControlYouControl, with support from the
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the KOLO Foundation KOLO Foundation

Developed by YouControlYouControl, with support from the
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the KOLO Foundation KOLO Foundation

Support our defenders!

We unite volunteers and concerned citizens to help the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense. We will purchase whatever supplies are needed from trusted vendors and give them to our defenders.

Alternatively, you can donate items yourself by following the instructions below

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine encourages all volunteers to register on the platform, specifying the kind of assistance you are willing to provide, in which locality, and when

To donate items to our defenders, click on the "log in/sign up" button and specify the details of your assistance. This may include protective equipment, ammunition, vehicles, tactical clothing, etc.

With the appropriate information, Defense Ministry coordinators will distribute assistance throughout Ukraine to the locations where it is needed and coordinate logistics for rapid delivery.

We provide the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense with essential supplies Together with the KOLO Foundation we organize the procurement and delivery of equipment for our fighters

Helmets and bulletproof vests Helmets and bulletproof vests
 Satellite phones and mobile radios Satellite phones and mobile radios
 Drones and UAVs Drones and UAVs
 Night-vision and scopes Night-vision and scopes

Advantages of our platform


It's the fastest way to get help to where it's needed

While you make 50 calls to reach the right contact, the platform moderators already know where and what kind of help is needed right now, so they link the right people in a matter of minutes.


Avoids chaotic purchases

Imagine being the hundredth person today to ask for 5 vests from a single vendor. Centralized purchasing allows you to take the load off the vendors, build optimal logistics, and ship help in batches rather than piece by piece.


Avoids scammers

Unfortunately, scammers also become more active during wartime. To prevent fraud and forgery, you can only sign up and log in to the platform after you have been verified and vetted by volunteers. Moderators reserve the right to refuse to sign up to the platform without explaining the reason to anyone who cannot prove the integrity of their intentions.


It is an official confirmation from the Defense Ministry that the funds and assistance have been delivered as intended.

Defense Ministry specialists personally coordinate the provision and receipt of aid and report on successful delivery on the platform. You can see the status of the assistance you provided right in your personal cabinet.


It is an association of concerned citizens

Ukrainians are the biggest and most powerful force in Ukraine. Each of us is a drop in the ocean, but together we become a more powerful driving force, able to solve any problem. The People for Ukraine platform was created with the express purpose of uniting all volunteers and directing their power where it is needed the most. It is the coordinating volunteer center of the Defense Ministry, distributing help all over Ukraine.


How can I help defend Ukraine?

People for Ukraine offers two ways to help: financial support and donating items directly to the Defense Ministry. To donate money click the "Donate" button, and to donate items you need to be logged in.

I am abroad and I want to help. How can I do it?

We encourage all foreign volunteers to donate money. Together with the KOLO Foundation, we can provide the purchase and delivery of necessary equipment for our warriors in the worst of hotspots. Every dollar/euro will help save a life.

I want to donate items to our warriors. What do they need and how do I hand it over?

Right now there is a need for protective ammunition (plate carriers, tactical vests, thermal underwear, fleece clothing, etc. To donate the goods to the Defense Ministry, log in on the website and indicate in your "volunteer cabinet" the type of goods you'd like to help with and when you can do it. Your request will be processed by the Defense Ministry moderator.

I've left a request for help. When will I be contacted?

All requests are processed in order of priority. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Still have

Send us a message and we will
contact you soon


Authorization will be carried out through the system Інтегрована система електронної ідентифікації ID.GOV.UA . Pay attention! The permit is available only to citizens of Ukraine кеш .